New Design Of Body Art Tattoo

New Design Of Body Art TattooHistory re-enacted. This B-26 Marauder tattoo is not only based on the aviation theme, but also a symbol of World War II. But why such a tattoo on the arm? It must be exalting and encouraging this guy to move on, break barriers, and no bowing down at any point. Attack and fisticuffs till the respite lasts! The tattoo artist Pows One is very cleaver in using only black and grey in the tattoo. That makes this B-26 Marauder look like a real one. The flight is in action and the tattoo is expression of that passion.
New Design Of Body Art TattooCramps Fillmore Posters are simply great! And that you can better see from this tattoo inked on the limb of this sweet lady. The tattoo is beautiful no doubt, but how most those big cunning eyes staring at you and the pretentious smile on the face? The character looks sexy, but seems like a witch. How does this woman love to springy with this tattoo forever?

This colorful tattoo is based on a famous bill by the artist Hugh D’Andrade. But we must appreciate the tattoo artist for his fine impact on the body.

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