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Concept Design Extreme TattooMIAMI INK is back on TLC with 10 all-new episodes. Artists Ami James, Chris Nunez, Chris Garver, Kate Von D and Darren Brass will take out fabulous stories from every nook and crossway of the tattooing industry.
The series reflect the prowess of tattooing in all its colors. The artists personally visit masters of tattoos in different parts of the world to know and get a better insight of the skin art. Not only the art, the artists hit also been depicted with glimpses of their passion and professionalism.
Concept Design Extreme TattooGood news for every tattoo freaks out there in Taiwan. The skin prowess has made inroads into the heart of people and it’s getting meliorate and meliorate and hot too. Recently top tattoo artists from Taiwan gathered in Taipeh for a tattoo convention and exhibition. Of course, the motive was to expose their dazzling inks. Contests and tattooing rocked the party and gave the glimpse of the prowess of tattooing in this conception of the world.
Concept Design Extreme TattooIf you poverty to see the prowess of tattooing, Lisa Tattoo School, NY, is the right place for you. There are less than a dozen schools in the US that actually inform this prowess professionally. Also it’s not easy to convince an artist to inform you all the secrets behind his art.
As per Lisa Fasulo, someone of Lisa Tattoo School,

“In oppositeness to this modern age, the tattoo community is ease very old-fashioned when it comes to sharing information”.

At her school students see the mechanics of all tools, safety precautions and other aspects related to the prowess along with regular practice.

Novices crapper drop in to polish their skills.

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