Tiger Tattoo Designs

The tiger has long been a symbol in indigenous tattooing in Asian countries, such as Burma, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and Thailand. As a tattoo, a tiger can symbolize an intermingling between strength and beauty.

Tiger tattoo pictures, just like designs, are diverse and often ornate. This wide range of tiger tattoo pictures is necessary to cater to all preferences in style and symbolic meaning. Here are the broader categories:

Tribal Tiger Tattoos

Tigers found in Asia are generally inked in tribal style. The swirls, bold black strokes, and geometric shapes of the tribal inking style complement the sleek and powerful form of the tiger, its movements, and even its coat of stripes.

By and large, Asian cultures utilize the tiger as a symbol of power and strength. It is deemed 'King of the Animals' in Korea. It is also sometimes used as an emblem for destruction and violence. Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction, is illustrated bearing a tiger skin and riding a tiger. Pictures of Asian tigers also serve as amulets to ward off evil spirits. In China, stone tigers are placed to guard and protect buildings and houses.

White Tiger Tattoos

The tattoo picture of a white tiger, also known as spectral tiger, almost always turns out as a wraithlike image – it is frequently depicted thin black stripes on a coat of snowy white fur and blue eyes. Most white tigers die from starvation in the jungle because their lack of usual orange-and-black pigmentation makes it incredibly difficult for them to get prey by stealth. They stand out too much against a backdrop of grass and forest. A white tiger tattoo is usually inked in tribal or impressionist style.

As a tattoo, a white tiger represents the rarity and uniqueness of its wearer, and often spells out a message that he or she is one of a kind. Another meaning attributed to a white tiger tattoo is the struggle for survival.

Siberian Tiger Tattoos

Siberian tigers are the rarest and largest of the tiger family. They are now dangerously close to extinction. Male Siberian tigers can be more than ten feet in length and weigh between 400 to 700 pounds. They reside in the forests of Southeastern Russia and parts of China. The symbolism in pictures of Siberian tiger tattoos is pretty plain – it is of raw and unparalleled strength and power.

Weretiger Tattoos

Chinese and Tibetan lore tell that their people descended from tigers. They also tell of stories about weretigers, people that can change themselves into tigers, much like the werewolves in movies. In some parts of China, the custom of giving tiger figures to boys and girls at their coming-of-age ceremonies is still practiced today. Weretiger tattoos are also chosen and inked on many people today.

Rose Tattoos

As far as popularity is concerned, the rose tattoo is right up at the top of the list. People have inked roses of all sorts on their bodies for a long time. The reason for this varies but mostly, the rose is synonymous with love. From early times, roses have been given to the significant other as a sign of affection. They also have been used to express apology, happiness, congratulations and the celebration of birthdays and anniversaries. They can be inked in the fully bloomed state or even as a budding flower. But what color should be used? Below is a brief list of the colors of the rose and their meanings.
Red. Obviously this is the color of love and affection. It can also depict courage or respect. Many times the red rose is used to express sincere love and passion. The most popular color for a tattoo.

Yellow. The yellow rose is given when someone wishes to express friendship or happiness. It coincides with delight and joy. Sometimes the yellow rose is used to show caring or nurturing. A stunning tattoo color.

Peach. This color is very pretty and subtle. The peach rose is given to someone to say thanks and show gratitude. It may be used when one wants to express sincerity and appreciation for an accomplishment. Very subtle.

White. Most people associate the white rose with weddings and marriage. It is a symbol of innocence and purity. It can also express intimacy and secrecy. Difficult to make look natural.

Blue. When someone uses the blue rose they can be expressing the impossible or unattainable. It is used for displaying the unreachable goal or dream. This is a very striking tattoo color.

Pink. Very many times pink roses will be used to show sympathy or sorrow. They also can symbolize grace, gentleness and admiration. Not used much but should be.

Orange. When someone is enthusiastic or wants to display fascination and desire they generally turn to the orange rose. It is a symbol of wants and achievement. Also a beautiful tattoo color.

Sterling or Lavender. This is a beautiful color of rose. It is meant to display infatuation or love at first sight. It can be use to express enchantment or fantasy as well. Works well with dragons and fantasy tats.

Black. This is the rose that means death and despair. When this rose is used it means goodbye or farewell to those who have passed on. Use carefully.

The above colors and their definitions are just guidelines. You can ink whatever color rose you would like. It really is up to the individual but keep in mind the color so that you don't use the incorrect meaning.

I wish you well in your search for the perfect tattoo design.

Orchid Tattoos and You - Perfect Flower Tattoo?

Orchid tattoos can be a great choice of tattoo for both females and males. Dependant on the orchid you get and the meaning you are after, this flower tattoo can be either end of the spectrum, highly masculine in nature or very feminine. A popular favourite flower for corsages and bouquets it is no wonder it is also finding popularity in the inked world. So what exactly can the orchid tattoo stand for?

On the masculine side of meanings it is all very sexual in nature, representing various parts of the male anatomy. In classic Chinese meaning it is often associated with the perfect man. On the other end of the spectrum are the more feminine meanings of beauty, charm and refinement. It is often seen as being a beautiful flower representative of all things feminine. It is also commonly referred to as the flower of magnificence. The feminine form of the orchid is also symbolic of perfection, love and family. Or in Asian cultures it is also seen as a symbol of something rare and precious. No matter why you seek this tattoo the origins and meanings are limitless and you can find one that suits your intended desire.

Due to it being a flower tattoo the varieties are endless and the uniqueness factor can be very high. It can easily be adjusted to fit pretty much every part of the body and work with the bodies natural shape. It can be given any colouration to provide the bearer with the perfect colour for them and their skin tone. The orchid itself has hundreds of different varieties of flower so you can be sure that one of the many types will suit your personal style and taste.

The orchid flower in tattoos is often seen as a symbol of sexuality or of luxury. Both of which may be the meaning you want for your flower tattoo. It is often also found in association with other Hawaiian flower tattoos to create the perfect piece of artwork on the canvas of your skin.

upper back tattoo designs

upper back tattoo designs
upper back tattoo designs
upper back tattoo designs
upper back tattoo designs

upper back tattoo designs

The human back makes an ideal canvas for a tattoo artist's needles. If you are considering your first tattoo could do worse than to have it be an upper back tattoo. Why? Upper back tattoos can range from small and simple to large and elaborate, and can stand alone or be the foundations for larger and more elaborate tattoo work if you like the outcome and want to add to it. Upper back tattoos are, more often than not, covered in indoor settings so they won’t be an issue in professional environments.

Angel Tattoos For Real Men

Real men like angel tattoos also. They can have a different significance for women and men. You can find a wide variety of angel tattoos so you have to figure out what your angel tattoo should symbolize.

Angel tattoos can stand for protection, purity, morality, strength, beauty, or a combination thereof. Angel tattoos on men usually signify strength, bravery and courage. To express the timeless struggle between good and evil, some people may ink one of the archangels, Michael, Gabriel, or Raphael in a struggle with the famous fallen angel, Satan. Tattoos of fallen angels, the darker side, are more popular with men.

Angel tattoos are a way for men to get a very intricate and colorful but strong tattoo. Placement of the tattoo is also important. Many full back tattoos are of angel wings spread wide. You can also place a guardian angel on your shoulder or neck. Angel tattoos on men might also be placed on a thigh or arm.

Talk to your artist and make sure that the two of you have the same idea of what your angel tattoo should look like. In order to have a quality angel tattoo, you need quality artwork. You might find a lot of good pictures of designs on the web, but many aren't meant to be translated to a tattoo. You need to find great quality tattoo designs that can reproduce quality artwork on your body. You might spend days looking all over the internet for a design, only to be disappointed by sub standard artwork that can't be used for your tattoo. Go where you know you'll find updated, quality angel tattoo designs. You want your angel tattoo to be the best, you'll have a long time to show it off.

Sexy Girl With Design Lower Back Tattoo Gallery Picture

Sexy Girl With Chinese Tattoo Symbol On The Lower Back

This image shows a woman wearing sexy Chinese design symbol tattoo on the lower back. Design a simple but delicious in the eye. Simple and meaningful, but sorry I do not know what that means writing it. For women who like simple design of this may be one of your choice.

Sexy Girl With Flower Tattoo Design On The Lower Back

This image shows a woman wearing sexy flower tattoo design on the lower back body. Flower tattoo design uses four color composition of black, yellow, green and purple. But I think flower tattoo design is still too little older, a little bit less. But if you liked the picture and size so please use this tattoo design. The important thing is you like and comfortable.

Sexy Girl With Diamond Tattoo And King Tattoo On The Lower Back

This image shows a woman wearing sexy tattoo design with a polished diamond blue and in combination with a king symbol tattoo on the lower back. For sexy women who seek or king diamond symbol tattoo you can use this image. Tattoo design drawings and diamond king was also a good tattoo in place in the back body, upper arm, neck or it could be the tattoo on foot to your taste sexy women.

Sexy Girl With Japanese Tattoo Design On The Back Body

Sexy Girl With Japanese Geisha Tattoo Full Color On The Back Body

This image shows a woman with a tattoo stories sexy Japanese society. There Geisha and Japanese devil images. Cherry blossoms are falling and there are also traditional Japanese lamps. Japanese tattoo design is placed on the back body with full color. I think this Japanese tattoo designs are full of the art premises.

Sexy Girl With Japanese Geisha Tattoo On The Back Body

This image shows a woman with a sexy japanese geisha tattoo with the classic image. Japanese Tattoo Design in combination with sunflower image and lotus flowers, there are also images of the crescent moon is yellow. Picture this tattoo design with big size and put on the back body. There are also pictures Japanese flag with the symbol of the rising sun.

Sexy Girl With Japanese Phoenix Tattoo Design On The Back Body

This image shows a woman with a sexy japanese phoenix tattoo on the theme of black images. Tattoo design is made with a large size so that the full on the back body. Japanese phoenix tattoo design is also in combination with images of flowers in place on the upper back body and on the lower back left side. Phonix japanese tattoo design is a classic theme.

Tattoo Art - Does Your Tattoo Have a Hidden Meaning Which Can Trip You Up?

A tattoo is a tattoo is a tattoo, right? Not true if your tattoo art is based on some kind of symbol. For example, you may think that a double lightning bolt looks pretty cool. So do I, actually. But in some places, this double lightning bolt is the symbol for white supremacists. This is one tattoo you do not want to show off in a black ghetto. Another example would be the swastika. Before Adolf Hitler and his Nazis stole it, the swastika actually meant good things to Native Americans (or Red Indians to people of my generation). In the East, the swastika is actually the symbol of Buddhism, one of the most peaceful religions on this planet.

So, how do you find out if your tattoo has some kind of hidden meaning? First, you need to classify your tattoo design:

  • Flower
  • Zodiac
  • Celtic
  • Animal, Bird, Fish, etc
  • Nautical
  • Tribal
  • Chinese/Japanese words
  • Others

After that, just look up an appropriate reference book in your local library or on the internet. For example, if you type in "meaning of flowers" into Google, you can get references to what flowers normally mean. One of these websites says that marigold means "cruelty, grief or jealousy". Probably not a tattoo you want to get to celebrate your new girlfriend or marriage.

Of course, Chinese and Japanese words are not so easily researched. Unless you know a native Chinese or Japanese speaker, you should give these a miss. For example, there are 2 forms of Chinese words, old Chinese and new Chinese. Old Chinese is still used in Taiwan, and by many overseas Chinese. New Chinese is used in China, and is increasingly superseding old Chinese in Singapore and Hong Kong. Additionally, old Chinese words have slightly different meanings depending on which dialect of Chinese you are speaking. Beyond the basic meanings, the same word in the mainstream Mandarin dialect (used as the standard dialect in China) could have additional meanings in Cantonese (the original main dialect in Hong Kong), or Hokkien, or Hakka (other dialects used by overseas Chinese).

Animal and bird symbols are considered significant by both psychoanalysts and astrologists/fortune-tellers. When I typed "animal symbols in dreams", I found over 800,000 references. Among the more fascinating things I found out:

  • Gold koi fish represents wealth
  • White and red koi fish represents love
  • Tiger represents power and energy
  • Coyote represents ingenuity and resourcefulness as well as playfulness

If your tattoo design is more abstract, you could look up the Anti-Defamation League's website. They have a pretty comprehensive list of hate symbols used by extremist groups. I found the swastika and double lightning bolt on their website. If you think the viewpoint of the Anti-Defamation League is too Jewish, you can also google for "racist symbols". But I have to warn you that their website is well-regarded, and appears on the first page of search results.

Some of you may prefer a printed reference, with all the information you want in one place. Terisa Green's "The Tattoo Encyclopedia : A Guide to Choosing Your Tattoo" (ISBN-13: 978-0743223294) is a good and cheap reference book. She organizes the most common tattoo symbols into alphabetical order, and has 800 tattoo images in her book. I found the paperback version of her book on Amazon for only $12.

Amazing 3D Tattoos Design On The Body Gallery Picture

3d tattoo, design tattoo, chest tattoo, front body tattoo, spider tattoo, men tattoo, trend tattoo, amazing tattoo, Amazing Picture Design 3D Spider Tattoo On The Men Chest

This is a 3D design drawing is very unusual tattoo according to say, because the design 3d spider tattoo is very much alive. It must be very painful and long process of manufacture. Look at where the skin such as peeling and in it as there is armor with a symbol of the spider, and the outer skin made like a bruise. Once again I think this design 3d spider tattoo that is very amazing.

3d tattoo, design tattoo, tattoos, men tattoo, arm tattoo, foot tattoo, amazing tattoo, trend tattoo,Amazing Design Muscle 3D Tattoo On The Men Arm

No less a design 3d spider tattoo on top, 3d tattoo design is also amazing muscle. Look at how the muscles can seem almost like the original. Maybe that's our muscles if no skin ha ... ha ... ha ... In terms of manufacture must be very complicated and filled with precision. Where detail the muscles must be fit and clear. I believed that if you make a 3d tattoo designs these muscles must be very proud.

3d tattoo, design tattoo, arm tattoo, foot tattoo, tattoos, men tattoos, amazing tattoo, trend tattoo, celebrity tattooAmazing Design 3D Tattoo On The Arm For Men 3D Tattoos

In comparison with the design drawing on the 3d tattoo design is not too sick the manufacturing process, but this tattoo 3d design also no less amazing. Look at how the skin looks like really looked at sewing shriveled skin. Moreover, this tattoo 3d design fits so well in placed in the upper arm, but this tattoo 3d design can also be in place at the foot if you want to make.

Sexy Girl With Design Heart Tattoos Gallery Picture

heart tattoo, design tattoo, tattoos, women tattoo, girl tattoo, sexy tattoo, upper back tattoo, lower back tattoo, neck tattoo, leg tattoo, arm tattoo, foot tattooSexy Girl With New Red Heart Tattoo Design On The Upper Back

Red heart tattoo design is very simple but still interesting in view of the eye. Design small and simple that this tattoo a lot of use by women and the manufacturing process is very easy. Red heart tattoo design is also good in place in the hands, neck or tattoo in the foot, if you want to put as the picture is not the problem.

heart tattoo, design tattoo, tattoos, women tattoo, girl tattoo, sexy tattoo, back tattoo, broken heart tattooSexy Girl With Broken Heart Tattoo Design On The Back Body

Tattoo design a special heart for women who are just heart broken he ... he ... he .... Where is the heart tattoo design in coherent with bird tattoo pictures and flower tattoo placed on the back body. Broken heart tattoo is very large designs.

heart tattoo, design tattoo, tattoos, women tattoo, girl tattoo, sexy tattoo, upper back tattoo, lower back tattoo, neck tattoo, leg tattoo, arm tattoo, foot tattooSexy Girl With Zebra Heart Tattoo Design On The Lower Back

Like the picture of a woman wearing a tattoo design of a new heart using zebra theme on the lower back. Zebra heart tattoo design is very unique and creative. Zebra heart tattoo designs can be in place where you want, at hand, in the neck or tattoo in the foot because of the unique design and simple. I think the women also like to design this tattoo zebra hearts.

Feminine Tattoos With Desain Butterfy Tattoo Full Colour

design tattoo, tattoos, butterfly tattoo, tribal butterfly tattoo, lower back tattoo, girl tattoo, women tattoo, feminine tattoo, sexy tattoo, tribal tattooSexy girl With Design Butterfly Tattoo On The Left Lower Back Body

Tattoo designs butterfly and pink flowers look very beautiful. In supporting the body of the girl who looks very sexy butterfly tattoo is more alive. Moreover, the tattoo that looked neat and smooth made the butterfly tattoo is more beautiful. Design a butterfly tattoo can also be placed on the upper back or the front lower body as well tattoo.

butterfly tattoo, sexy tattoo, design tattoo, tattoos, women tattoo, girl tattoo, feminine tattoo, sexy tattoo, lower back tattoo, back body tattoo, trendy tattoo, best tattooSexy Girl With Purple Butterfly Color Tattoo Design On The Back Body

This design is very beautiful. With a butterfly tattoo color on the back purple medium body. Wing design also uses the theme of tribal tattoo. Butterfly tattoo I think it looks very sexy at all.

tribal tattoo, butterfly tattoo, design tattoo, tattoos, lower back tattoo, upper back tattoo, back body tattoo, women tattoo, girl tattoo, feminine tattoo, tribal butterfly tattoo, butterfly tribal tattooSexy Girl With Design Butterfly Tattoo On The Lower Front Body

The most appealing to today’s inked woman are pretty, girly, and ethereal designs. Of this motif you will see dragonflies, butterflies, fairies, flowers, hearts, and things of that nature. These are feminine tattoos because they unconsciously symbolize very feminine qualities such as love, warmth, spirituality, and freedom. The less feminine category are tattoos that women get in terms of symbolism. Yes, women are more prone than men to get a tattoo of something symbolic.

Sexy Girl With Design Tribal Rose Flower Tattoo Design On The Lower Back Body

girl tattoo, design tattoo, lower back tattoo, back tattoo, women tattoo, girl tattoo, feminine tattoo, tattoos, sexy tattoo, flower tattoo, rose tattoo, tribal tattooLower Back Tattoos Design With Tribal Rose Flower Tattoo

This tattoo design drawings combined symbol roses and tribal tattoo on the lower back body. Design this tattoo for women, especially in place on the lower back body. Where the blue roses and green leaves, while stems in a black tribal design.

In the midst of a sexy girl picture with tribal tattoo background. But I think that in the middle of the design is not good so we suggest you replace the other tattoo designs or just delete if you want to wear this tattoo design.

lower back tattoo red rose tattoo, flower tattoo, design tattoo, tattoos, girl tattoo, women tattoo, feminine tattoo, back tattoo, sexy tattooSexy Girl With Design Red Rose Lower Back Tattoo

Design this tattoo for women, especially in place on the lower back body. Where the red roses are the leaves and green stems. Red rose tattoo design looks very alive. The women will love this tattoo design. Good tattoo design is also in place in the upper arm or a tattoo on his calf.

design tattoo, foot tattoo, rose tattoo, lower back tattoo, girl tattoo, sexy tattoo, women tattoo, feminine tattoo, wrist tattoo, tattoos, flower tattooSexy Girl With Design Small Rose Tattoo On The Lower Back

Black and white photo shows the small rose tattoo design on the lower back body. I think the rose tattoo design is very simple but still stylish. It is suitable for women who like minimalist design tattoo. This tattoo design is also cool when placed on the wrist or foot tattoo.

Picture Design Combination Star Tattoo, Sun Tattoo, Moon Tattoo And Fairy Tattoo

sun tattoo, star tattoo, moon tattoo, design tattoo, tattoos, girl tattoo, women tattoo, feminine tattooDesign Combination Sun Tattoo, Star Tattoo And Moon Tattoo

This tattoo design drawings combined tattoo symbol of the sun, stars and moon. Foot symbol of the sun with orange flames. The moon was full of yellow and blue crescent. As for the stars with green

moon tattoo, fairy tattoo, star tattoo, design tattoo, tattoos, upper back tattoo, lower back tattoo, women tattoo, sexy girl tattoo, feminine tattoo, back tattooDesign Combination Moon Tattoo, Fairy Tattoo And Star Tattoo

This tattoo design drawings combined fairy tattoo symbols, stars and moons. Where the fairy was sitting on a crescent moon with her dress fluttering in the wind. In this tattoo design drawings placed in the upper back of a woman. Very cool for a woman who wanted a tattoo.

Sexy Girl With Design Pink Star Tattoo On The Lower Back

Picture design is a pink star tattoo on the lower back. With a simple variation on either side tribal too small stars in pink, too. Well pink is my favorite color, so what can I say apart from I love this tattoo. I have a tattoo on my lower back but its just a plain black celtic design. I wish I had something like this done. It's not to fancy and has not got much color but it seems to just fit together nicely.

Tattoo Ideas - Want to Have a Better Idea About Your Tattoo?

A tattoo reflects the inner meaning of your personality. The splendor of your tattoo design increases when you know the deeper meaning of it. The main categories of tattoo symbols can be broadly classified into the following; cultural symbols, famous symbols, Celtic designs, rainbow tattoos, tribal tattoos, Chinese and Japanese tattoo symbols. These can be further classified into smaller tattoos. The meanings and the tattoo symbols are listed below:

1. Anchor - Salvation, Hope and safety.
2. Angel - Guardians, Protection, and keepers of dreams
3. Bat - happiness, Longevity and mystery
4. Bear - brings good luck, Good nature and also ignorance.
5. Bird - Freedom, Birth and intuition.
6. Bull - Fertility, power and strength.
7. Butterfly - Spiritual immortality and temporary element of life.
8. Cat - Sign of bad omens and Magic.
9. Centaur - Spirit of womanhood and Knowledge about nature.
10. Chain - If broken then freedom. If the chain is intact then slavery.
11. Clover - Good luck.
12. Clown - Uncertainties, laughter and tears.
13. Crescent Moon - Feminine power, Transformation and rebirth.
14. Cross - Love, Sacrifice, and salvation.
15. Crow - Gods messenger.
16. Devil - Mischievous, urgent desire for sex.
17. Dog - Faithful and loyalty
18. Dolphin - Benefactor and an emblem of a savior.
19. Dove - Peace.
20. Dragon - Strength and power.
21. Dragonfly - Spiritual Affinity.
22. Eagle - King of the birds and also Mighty.
23. Eye - Self protection.
24. Fairy - Supernatural powers of Good or evil.
25. Feather - Spiritual elevation, Creativity and rebirth.
26. Fish - Spiritual peace.
27. Frog - Symbol of pregnancy.
28. Hawk - Self discipline.
29. Heart - Love.
30. Horse - Friend to man and shows kingship.
31. Leaf - Joy and rebirth
32. Lion - Might, brave, immortality and awareness.
33. Lizard - The soul searching for light.
34. Lotus - If open represents the sun, if closed then the moon.
35. Mermaid - Temptation, materialism, and seduction.
36. Monkey - Good knowledge, Wisdom, or evil powers.
37. Moon - Varied rhythms of life.
38. Phoenix - Rebirth
39. Reaper - Death
40. Rose - Fertility.
41. Scarab - Strength and rebirth.
42. Skull - Courage and Death.

With the above list, you can choose your tattoo that best suits you.

Tattoos Pictures

Tattoo PictureFootball club icon tattoo on the athlete's arm.

Tattoo PictureTribal face tattoo on young man's back.

Tattoo PictureFemale face tattoo on the sleeve.

Tattoo Pictures

Tattoo PictureColorful feather tattoo on the head.

Tattoo PictureBlack bones tattoo on young man's back.

Tattoo PictureRacing horses tattoo on the back.

Pictures Of Tattoos

Tattoo PictureCoconut tree and dollar symbol on a man's body.

Tattoo PictureSmall red devil tattoo on male's arm.

Tattoo Picture"Create" word tattoo on female under arm.

Free Tattoo Pictures

Free TattooArrow tattoo along the sleeve.

Free TattooRolling stones icon tattoo on male's back.

Free TattooSwastika tattoo on male's arm.