Butterflies Tattoos Design

Butterflies Tattoos
Butterflies tattoos are the second most popular tattoo designs today. Some are more animated and cartoon like and some very true-to-life. But, choosing the correct design to highlight the potential of this magnificent insect can be a truly daunting task. Believe me when I tell you that there are quite a few species of this insect. As a matter of fact, there are thousands upon thousands of them. First, we’ll take a look at real butterfly photography, then we’ll explore simpler, more animated clip art. If you do a simple search on the world wide web, your sure to find a lot of fantastic pictures of these magnificent and beautiful little buggers. And when choosing a butterfly tattoo design, nothing can compare to the beauty that can be found naturally. Mother nature really has some incredible designs when it comes to butterflies. Consider the butterflies tattoo in the picture. It’s a cross between a tribal butterfly design and a cartoon depiction of butterflies. It’s done with bright pigments and would make a fantastic design. It just goes to show you what can be done with a whole lot of inspiration, and an eye pointed towards the beauty of mother nature.
Butterflies Tattoos
If your looking for a feminine way to express your personal style then why not try getting a butterflies tattoo. But, before you commit one moment to getting the design inked into your skin then do some research and find a talented and qualified tattoo artist. You sure don’t want to get a butterflies tattoo design dreamed up that has a ton of personality and style and then have it inked by a sub standard tattoo artist. Then you might end up with something that doesn’t look anything like your original butterflies tattoo or one where the color isn’t as bright as it should be. And there’s another thing that you need to keep in mind. Did you know that a butterflies tattoo that is poorly done can actually lose it’s color over time? Yep, that’s right, if the artist hasn’t properly inked the butterflies tattoo then the color can actually start bleeding out. That’s usually due to the fact that sub standard artist will use inferior inks. These inks can have numerous problems besides bleeding out. They can cause allergic reaction, or fade too quickly. Then you have a butterflies tattoo that is missing huge chunks of color or is faded. And you don’t want that now do you?

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