Small Tattoos

Small tattoos are one of the most popular forms of body art in the world. Practiced for thousands of years, tattooing is still the most popular form, and allows you to decorate your skin in creative and high impact ways. Over the last decade, there has been a real increase in popularity for tattooing, and there are thousands of tattoo parlors that have leapt up to take advantage of the trend.

Tattoos started off in ancient times as a mystical practice, intended to control destiny and protect the wearer. Today, people are more interested in the look of the tattoos, but the symbolic meaning of the symbols has become ingrained into our culture.

In spite of the high degree of interest for tattoos, there are some people who change their mind after getting inked, and it can be quite painful and time consuming, not to mention expensive, to get a tattoo removed. Tattoos can be very eye catching and appealing, and there are millions of people who regard getting a tattoo as one of the best decisions they have ever made. It's a decision you should give some time to before taking the plunge. Also, it's a good idea to start off with small tattoos and work your way up from there.

Tattoos come in all shapes and sizes - some are tiny, others take up huge areas of skin. Small tattoos have the advantage of being more easily concealed, and also allow you to experiment with the look before you commit to something that would be impossible to effectively remove.

These days, tattoo artists are a more professional crowd in general. They tend to take a lot of pride in their work, rather than turning out poor designs quickly to turn a fast buck. For this reason, tattoo designs are more individualistic than in the past. There are millions of different designs in circulation, and many of them have deep cultural or even religious meanings.

There is also an increase in custom designed small tattoos, where the customer and the tattoo artist work together to create a design that works well. For this reason, there are now several web sites available that are full of thousands of designs that you can browse and use as the starting point for your own design.

This is a lot less stressful than walking into a tattoo parlor without a clue and having to pick a design from a book of flash designs (tattoos on card), and you usually have a much bigger selection on these sites. It allows you to take the time to pick a design that you won't regret later and will feel good about. Also, it's a great way to get inspiration for your own individual custom design.

When you pick a design, you should choose one that reflects something unique about yourself. Try to pick something that is fundamentally true about yourself - over the years, we all change a little in our outlook and personality, but the basic character remains the same.

Generally, men and women go for different designs, and have different areas that they want to tattoo. For instance, a woman might want a flower tattoo on her hip. This looks very appealing on a woman, but does not work so well on the physique of a man.

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