Sexy Back Tattoos For Women

If you're a woman looking for a sexy new tattoo, the first stop is to consider the largest expanse of skin on your body: your back. Your back is a blank canvas just waiting for your creativity to make it into something beautiful. Sexy back tattoos for women are endless in variety and scope, so make sure to consider all your options before making a final decision.

First, you need to choose the specific location of your back that you'd like to tattoo. Sexy areas for women are over the shoulder blade, on the lower back, or on the upper back.

Shoulder blade tattoos are sexy back tattoos for women because it highlights the feminine nape of the neck and slope of the shoulder. Whether you tattoo images or words, it goes to highlight a distinctly feminine area. Angelina Jolie has a rather famous tattoo on her left shoulder blade, with words running vertically. It is a Buddhist Pali incantation written in Khmer script (Cambodian). Getting tattoos in other languages, particularly Arabic and Asian languages, is very popular right now.

Lower back tattoos for women weren't very popular until the 1990s, when women realized how sexy the right tattoo in that location can be. Lower back tattoos cover the small of the back, and are usually oblong in shape to emphasize the feminine curve of the body. Though showing them off with crop tops isn't exactly in style anymore, the lower back is still a classic region to tattoo for maximum femininity.

Upper back tattoos are a little more old school, but that just makes them a familiar classic. This is a fairly wide expanse of skin means that you can do anything you want with upper back tattoos. Your tattoo can be as large and sprawling as you like it, or it can be small and sweet. If you want, it can be one of many small tattoos ornamenting your back in different locations.

Don't limit yourself when choosing the location and design for your next back tattoo. Sexy back tattoos for women are out there in abundance. Pay attention to color, shape, and location. If you are tattooing a word or phrase, think about size, script, and content. Remember that the best tattoo is something that is uniquely yours and represents your personality for your whole life through. Choose something central to you that is sure not to change, because your tattoo is there to stay.

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