Lion Tattoos

Because of their size, a lion represents a certain amount of strength and power. As a result, a lion tattoo is often popular to those who wish to carry that same symbol with them every day. Perhaps it's a sign of physical strength, which is the case with a lion, or maybe a lion tattoo would represent an inner strength that reminds the wearer to stay strong in everyday life.

For some, a lion tattoo is a symbol of power. For others, it may represent their zodiac sign deriving from their birthday. In addition, a lion tattoo may be nothing more than a symbol of the beauty of a favorite animal. There are many different reasons why an individual may choose a lion tattoo and, as is the case with any other, the best way to select a design is to make sure it is something that means a lot to you.

Perhaps it's a memory of a safari or a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to a foreign land where lions live in the wild. Whatever the reason, a lion tattoo can have many meanings.

Lion tattoos

Lion tattoos have two primary meanings - one is a simple appreciation of a beautiful animal; and a second is an image of fierceness, pride, and strength.

Lion tattoos

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