Temporary Tattoo

Temporary Tattoo For College fundraiser.

Tattoos become more popular among all age groups, temporary tattoo are also popular rising. Because they are not permanent, temporary tattoo allows the people who usually do not wear tattoos.

Students Love Them!

Temporary TattooTemporary nature of these tattoos allow even the most reluctant students to become advocates of their higher-pitched. Single, simple, either playing eternal tattoo may be only the beginning for such a person. After their comfort level grows, you may find them a tattoo on the school's biggest supporters.

For the more adventurous types, however, this product allows them to go all out. By using the tattoo is not eternal, the people of this noise can be tattooed all over his face, arms, legs, stomach, and back if they want. Or they can combine a number of different designs, all of which support their college, of course, in a more artistic view of school spirit.

Not handed over to the little kids again, while the tattoo quickly growing popular with the students as well. This fact makes this product the perfect way for your school to raise much needed funds while feeding school spirit is very important for the fund-raising purposes.

Made from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved and non-toxic Temporary Tattoomaterials, hypoallergenic materials, they are safe no matter where they are used. By looking at the professional results with just a little water and a cloth, while allowing enthusiastic fan of tattoos to show their support quickly and easily.

Although most often used in the body, these tattoos can also be applied to inanimate objects such as lockers, books, and the like, as well. Students may come with a variety of innovative and artistic uses for them, all in the name of school spirit.

College Reap Financial Benefits

Eternal Tattoos offers high profit margins for the next school fundraiser and a fun way to show school spirit. Cheaper to purchase in large numbers, they are available in stock images and custom colors and images. This versatility makes temporary tattoo are the perfect fundraiser.

If the custom image is more suitable for campus-style, you can choose to have tattoos made from various types of logos, graphics, or artwork. Temporary TattooYou can even use the photos. You can also buy various kinds, from tattoos to show the campus colors for a tattoo featuring the school mascot. In order different, you'll offer support more school choice.

Since most of the correspondence via email, you can order and send the design drawing at any time, day or night. There is also a smooth communication channels to ensure prompt and courteous customer service. Generally, the turnaround time to receive a tattoo brief, within fourteen working days.

This ensures that you'll have plenty of time to gather input from members of the fundraising committee, while the ordered interesting tattoos, and a fund-raiser to the college community to bring awareness and school spirit before the homecoming game or other major universities welcome event. By Jennifer T Smith

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