Sky Tattoo

Sky TattooLead was on vacation. A whole week. And not, as is usual at a convention, no, just went to the mountains in South Tyrol.

And it was pretty great. The land, the mountains and the people. Despite or perhaps because he had to look around, of course, of course, as it is with the Tätowiererei in the far north of Italy.

Sky Tattoo
Sky TattooOf course not there running around so many and so striking tattooed or pierced people as in Berlin. But there are, if one inquires for the locals, many already decorated or they plan to halt.

After a long mountain hike on the Roman road known as lead went into the tourist office in Dobbiaco - yes, he was a little disoriented - and met a very conspicuously tattooed and pierced staff, which he procured a list of local tattoo artist.

And the next day, then stood in front of the lead Sky Tattoo in Brunico and then it did not take long for him to have a beer in his hand, spoke with Uzzi on the scene in South Tyrol:

Uzzi and his sidekick Tino came in 1999 from Germany to Brunico and stress that they have a relationship that goes beyond what is normally found between the owners and staff members. Uzzi is the piercer (and owners), while Tino is the man for the tattoos.

After both came through joint South Tyrolean friends who lived some time in her hometown of Dresden. After several visits to the mountains, then decided to move all the way to South Uzzi and pulled Tino soon after.

Tino already tattooed, since the 14's, he began to free-hand, then did an apprenticeship and was managing director of the studio before he came into the Alps. His models are Boris (Hungarian) and Paul Booth. So it's no surprise that the rather darker black / white motifs, such as skull and the devil are his favorites.

As Uzzi and Toni began her work as a tattoo aid workers in the Catholic South was the scene determined there 10 years behind in Germany, how they had to sail in the beginning mainly red devil and dolphins, but thanks to its successful and tireless work is changing the solid. And of course, are the two known in Brunico like the proverbial dog colorful and slowly formed in a separate South scene. To quote Uzzi at times: "In Arntal, yes, because they live the bad guys."

Lead will have an eye on it because he always has when he is invited to the beer. For that he thanks you, as well as for the interesting conversation with the two.

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