Butterfly Tattoo

The Butterfly Tattoo Design

Butterfly Tattoo

The butterfly tattoo design has become one of the most popular forms of tattoo art among women. Statistics show that over 50% of the female population adorn the butterfly in some form or fashion on their ankle, upper or lower back, or chest.

The butterfly is an amazingly beautiful creature that holds profound meaning of mystery and freedom, and is unmatched in it's design and color. No wonder then, the popularity of the butterfly tattoo design.

Butterfly Tattoo

The butterfly is symbolic of many things, but the main reason women tend to choose the butterfly design is because it symbolizes change and transformation - and this lovely creature, also stands for love and joy.

Butterfly tattoo designs are very safe choices, especially if you are getting tattooed for the first time. The reason being, is because the meaning behind the butterfly is one that is quite easy to treasure forever. Surely, we can all relate to love, joy, and freedom - and also to the beauty of the it's form, and exquisite colors.

Butterfly Tattoo

To get inspiration for your designs, you can visit a good online tattoo gallery. You'll find large displays in several different styles. For instance, you can choose Celtic or tribal butterfly, and much more.

Not only will you find the butterfly pattern in different styles, but also in many splendid colors and sizes. Good galleries always use expert artists who can create the butterfly tattoo on any part of the body. However, the post popular areas requested, are the lower backs, arms, shoulders and even the ankle.

If you are having trouble deciding on tattoo ideas, keep in mind the butterfly tattoo design. Also, remember the smaller the design, the better - it will be less expensive and less intrusive, and will give you time if you decide on additional tattoos in the future. Remember to never compromise on who does the tattooing for you - make sure he/she are true professionals.

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