Tattoo Machines

Tattoo Machines

Tattoo Machines Evolution!

By Matt J. Cararra

Tattoos specialists have only three tools of the trade, which is very important: tattoo machines, ink, and the skill of the artist. Sometimes the skill of the artist can be replaced by the use of paper transfers, but the ink and tattoo machines are indispensable to permanent tattoos.

In industrialized countries like the United States, London and Japan, tattoos are made with the help of tattoo machines. The main function of the tattoo machines is to insert the ink into the skin. Repeated proposals paste ink based on the presence of electromagnetic coils. Tattoo machines with arms. This allows the artist to make a very thin model on the skin.

Tattoo MachinesThomas Edison, who is also the inventor of the lightbulb invented the first prototype of the tattoo machine. She was named stencil pens. She looks like a modern day drill, which blows a few holes in the paper of the particular design. This perforated paper that lies flat on the surface, and then colored powder Dusted on the paper. It works like paper. Design of perforated paper can be transferred to any surface.

After fifteen years, stencil pen was modified and patented by Samuel O'Reilly. His improvement on the stencil pens includes pipe Assembly, the ink chamber, a needle and a switch to turn the device on and off. This new tattoo machines also has the ability to customize strokes.

Tattoo Machine today is similar to the machine patented by Percy waters in 1929. Its design consists of two electromagnetic machines, which are parallel. It is relatively safe because it has a spark shield, and switch much easier. Since then, several other various improvements made on this machine specified Percy waters, but it has essentially remained unchanged for many years.

Tattoo MachinesThat was in 1979 that another patent for the tattoo machines was issued by Carol Nightingale. His contribution to the evolution of the various tattoo machines spring mechanism allows for detailed work. He also added lever control coils. Current machine tattoo has come a long way since then. Today, he is able to control up to speed and depth, which allows him to have an accurate pressure. Tattoo machines continue to evolve today, as the tattoo to keep on adding their own improvements, even without its patents. Verily, tattoo, now the exact form of art

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