Military Tattoos

The military tattoo has a long history within the various branches of military service in the United States. Soldiers view the tattoo as a sign of commitment to their fellows and as an identifying mark. Divisions and brigades take pride in their own symbols. Every soldiers look forward to the day when they can wear that symbol and hold their head high.

The longest and richest military tattoo tradition should be in the United States Navy. The anchor symbol has become one of the most easily recognizable military tattoos in the world. In the early 1900's, the sailors introduced the practice of tattooing to the other military branches. As the sailors traveled to somewhere else and saw that the art of military tattooing was alive and well, they began to create tattoos that represented their group. They would return from voyages that had literally taken them around the world.

The United States Army also follows the practices of the Navy. Variation of American Flag is currently used as a symbol for tattooing. The flag can be integrated into an eagle's wing or into the shape of a heart, the red, white and blue. All plays a prominent role. The POW-MIA theme is another one commonly found in a military tattoo, particularly in the Army. These tattoos pay homage to the prisoners of war who are missing in action.

The United States Marine Corps also has its own versions of the military tattoo after noticing the Army and Navy. Although it is not as wildly popular as that in the Navy and Army, the Marines still have a long history of tattooing within certain regiments and brigades. Bulldog symbol is one of the most popular Marine Corps tattoos. Marines are typically the first strike in a United States Military campaign. They pride themselves on toughness, tenacity, and stubbornness. That’s why no one disagree that the bulldog is a perfect symbol for what they represent.

For those who serve in the Air Force, sport tattoos with wings incorporated in them is another military tattoo. The history of Air Force military tattoos is still being written. As the practice of military tattooing becomes more and more popular, it is growing within the ranks. Pilots may include details of a certain fighter.

Actually, all branches of military service people see such tattoos are much more than just ink and pictures. A military tattoo is a constant reminder of the hardships and struggles that were endured as a team, and of those who may have been left behind. Even once they have left the military, they will also get a new tattoo in order to remember a fallen comrade or other momentous event.

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